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Lyft Works With P&G To Convince Riders They’re Getting Into A Clean Machine

Everyone’s gotten germ-conscious these days, which has certainly benefited big soapmaker Procter & Gamble. On Thursday it announced a partnership with Lyft to provide cleaning and disinfection products for drivers as part of the rideshare company’s health and safety program. Click here to read the story from Discussion Questions: What is

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Facebook’s Ray-Ban glasses are coming in 2021

The glasses will put Facebook apps and other content inside a pair of Luxottica’s Ray-Ban glasses, the companies say, and help people stay better connected to their friends and family. The companies revealed little about the eventual smart glasses.  Click here to read the story from Questions for Classroom Discussion What is

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Hershey starts Halloween ad blitz to overcome covid-19 hurdles

Halloween is just around the corner, and the Covid-19 pandemic has spooked the bid candy-making companies, which are worried that sales will see a downturn similar to Easter if they do not ramp up their marketing strategies to address the changed circumstances. Click here to read the story from Questions for

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Walmart Joins Microsoft’s Bid for TikTok

Walmart is joining Microsoft’s bid to acquire TikTok. The big-box retailer confirmed on Thursday morning that it would add its muscle to the potential deal, one of several options that TikTok owner ByteDance is exploring following President Donald Trump’s move to ban the app in the U.S. Click here to read the story

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