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Oreo rewinds to 2007 with Blockbuster takeover promoting Cakesters return


Oreo is leaning on the equity of a retail brand many people likely assumed dead with a Cakesters takeover at the last remaining Blockbuster location. While the video-rental store — once the dominant player in its category — famously went bust amid the rise of streamers like Netflix, it has become an enduring cultural touchstone, cropping up in media like “Captain Marvel” as a signifier for all things ’90s and aughts.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What are industry trends?
  2. Why do brands monitor industry trends?
  3. How might this marketing initiative from Oreo that leans on nostalgia to connect with consumers represent an example of an industry trend?
  4. Why do you think nostalgia helps brands to connect with consumers?
  5. What are “Cakesters” and why do you think Oreo discontinued the product more than a decade ago?
  6. Why do you think the brand chose to bring the product back?
  7. Why do you think just one Blockbuster store still exists?
  8. Why did Oreo partner with Blockbuster for this promotion?
  9. What do you think Oreo hopes to accomplish with this promotion?
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