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Amazon Will Sell A Kitchen Device That Makes Cheetos Dust

Consumers truly cannot get enough Cheetos – scientifically speaking. In 2020, 5.17 million U.S. consumers put away “eight or more bags” by themselves, via Statista. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is branding? How might Cheetos dust provide an example of branding? According to this story,

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J.C. Penney releases skincare adviser experience, AR try-on

J.C. Penney is turning to technology to help drive its revamped beauty strategy.  The department store in late 2020 announced it was planning a new beauty concept after previous partner Sephora teamed up with Kohl’s instead.  Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is distribution? How does distribution

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7-Eleven to Drop Prizes Every Week this Summer for Brainfreeze Season

Get ready to turn up the heat because 7-Eleven, Inc. is officially entering Brainfreeze Season – a time to hang loose, try new things, make unforgettable memories and take summer from a ten…to an ELEVEN. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is promotion? What is Brainfreeze Season? How might

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Starbucks is launching an energy drink

Starbucks is giving customers new ways to perk up: a line of energy drinks called Starbucks Baya Energy and a bunch of fresh flavors in the grocery aisle. Baya will be available for purchase at stores and online starting this week, and will go on sale at US Starbucks stores on March 1. The

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Oscar Mayer’s bologna face mask quickly sells out

If the thought of using a slice of bologna as a moisturizing face mask was tempting, you’re out of luck — for now.Oscar Mayer’s bologna-inspired face mask sold out less than a day after its release on Amazon. Kraft Heinz blamed the shortage on “unexpected incredibly high demand” and said in a statement

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