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Through partnerships with Dunkin’ Donuts and Jersey Mike’s, Celsius expands its food service channel


In 2022, Pepsi invested a whopping $550 million in Celsius, a deal that allowed the energy drink company to open more distribution channels, including food service. Foodservice currently represents 11% of the company’s PepsiCo revenue in the second quarter. Its food service division includes restaurants, colleges and hotels.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the marketing mix?
  2. What is “place” as it relates the marketing mix?
  3. Why is place an important piece of the marketing mix?
  4. How might this story represent an example of place?
  5. What is distribution?
  6. What is a distribution channel?
  7. Can you think of the last time you saw a Celsius product being sold? Where was it?
  8. How would you describe Celsius’s distribution strategy, based on what you learned from this news story?
  9. What is a business plan?
  10. Why are business plans important?
  11. What did we learn from this news story about how Celsius’s growth strategy?
  12. Why is distribution important to Celsius’s growth strategy?
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