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Southwest Stole Christmas. It Still Has Superfans.

It’s a tough week to be a Southwest Airlines influencer. Take Kody and Kyler McCormick, brothers who have been making videos and social media posts boosting Southwest for years, in exchange for vouchers or cash from their favorite airline.  Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions:

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Why Spotify makes Wrapped its annual marketing moment

“There’s a reason why it’s such a company priority,” said Alex Bodman, Spotify’s global vp of creative. “We don’t just see an increased user base day on day. We also see a lot of people coming back to the platform.” (Bodman declined to offer further details around growth and usage.)

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Spotify Gamifies Its ‘Wrapped’ Billboards Looking Back at 2022

Spotify unveiled its 2022 “Wrapped” campaign Wednesday morning—in what’s become a highly anticipated seasonal tradition—and this year’s bag of goodies includes gamefied billboards, a “listening personality” generator, and of course the annual rundowns of most-listened-to artists and songs globally and regionally. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What

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JCPenney teams up with Backstreet Boys for Facebook Live holiday event

JCPenney is integrating some 1990s nostalgia into an upcoming livestream promotion. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is seasonal marketing? Why are the holidays important to retailers like JCPenney? What is consumer engagement? What is social media marketing? How might social media marketing help to

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