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Why Uber decided to #MoveWhatMatters

How do you know it’s been an unusual year? When a company that moves people encourages everyone not to move. And Uber did just that in a surprising way: by telling everyone to stay put. With so many communities struggling with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber positioned itself

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Pandemic helps make Crocs cool again

There’s no more denying it: Emily Kelley loves Crocs. After years of dismissing them as hideous and pointless, the 27-year-old now wears her white foam clogs everywhere — to breweries, the grocery store and on long walks through her Chicago neighborhood. Click here to read the story at Discussion

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What Is a ‘Renocation?’ Ikea and Pinterest Explain

Renovations plus vacations plus staycations equals “Renocations,” according to Ikea, which kicked off is “Ikea Renocations” campaign on Pinterest this week. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is a target market? Why is it important for brands like Ikea to understand their target market? Who might

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TikTok to marketers: ‘Make TikToks, not ads’

TikTok doesn’t want advertisers to create ads for its platform.  At its NewFront presentation on Thursday, TikTok told marketers that in order to be successful with its audience, they have to show up natively on the platform. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: Why would a

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Hollister launches ‘Social Tourist’ with teen influencers

In the post-Kardashian era, the marketing power of social media, especially among younger consumers, has become undeniable. That leaves brands that cater to teens and young adults no choice but to turn to influencers, who can easily collect tens of millions in social media followers. Click here to read the

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