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Pizza Hut Gets in on ‘Girl Math’ Trend With $7 Deals


Pizza Hut is getting in on the “girl math” social media trend by discounting a number of popular menu items and teaming with a well-known influencer.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the marketing mix?
  2. What is promotion?
  3. Why is promotion an important part of the marketing mix?
  4. What is the promotion mix?
  5. What factors influence decisions relating to the promotions mix?
  6. What is sales promotion?
  7. What are the different forms of sales promotion?
  8. Why are sales promotions important to restaurant brands like Pizza Hut?
  9. What are trends?
  10. How have trends on social media influenced this promotion from Pizza Hut?
  11. What is the “girl math” social media trend?
  12. How has Pizza Hut tried tapping into that trend with this promotion?
  13. What is influencer marketing?
  14. Why are influencers important to brands?
  15. How might this promotion represent an example of influencer marketing?
Chris Lindauer
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