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TikTok Ban Would Be a Blow to U.S. International Tourism Marketing


A national TikTok ban in the U.S. would put an end to tourism agencies’ growing investment in the platform and push them to redirect it into Meta and Google’s social platforms as well limit their ability to influence global conversations about their destination.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Did you know that a national TikTok ban in the U.S. has been discussed?
  2. Why is a TikTok ban being discussed?
  3. Who owns TikTok?
  4. Have you noticed the content that you view on TikTok changing recently?
  5. Do you think TikTok should be banned? Why or why not?
  6. Do you think a competing social media platform, or a new social media company, could replace TikTok? Why or why not?
  7. How might that represent an opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneuer?
  8. What is tourism marketing?
  9. Why is tourism important to the United States?
  10. How does tourism marketing help to attract more visitors to the U.S?
  11. According to this story, what makes TikTok an effective platform for reaching consumers who are considering travel?
  12. The headline of this story suggests a TikTok ban would hurt U.S. tourism marketing. Why do you think that might be (based on what you learned in this news story)?
  13. If U.S. tourism marketing officials were to pull advertising from TikTok, where else might they consider investing their marketing dollars? Why?
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