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Tech, gambling and alcohol helped the NFL earn almost $2 billion in sponsorships this season


The National Football League is nearing $2 billion in partnership fees, the most in professional sports.

Agreements from betting firms and technology companies helped the NFL lure a record $1.8 billion in sponsorship revenue, sports partnerships consultancy firm IEG told CNBC. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is sponsorship?
  2. Why do companies sponsor sports and entertainment properties?
  3. How do you think companies decide which sports and entertainment properties to sponsor?
  4. Do you think all sponsorships require the same investment?
  5. Why might a NFL league sponsorship cost a company more money than the sponsorship of a small college football program?
  6. Why do you think so many companies are willing to invest in a partnership with the NFL?
  7. What benefits do you think a NFL sponsor gains as an official league partner?
  8. What are sponsorship categories?
  9. Based on information from this story, which categories helped the NFL to generate record sponsorship revenue this season?
  10. What are ethics?
  11. In your opinion, is it ethical for the NFL to partner with alcohol and gambling brands? Why might some people object to those sponsorships? Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.
Chris Lindauer
After working for nearly a decade in professional sports, Chris Lindauer, formed Sports Career Consulting to provide unique sports business education opportunities in and out of the classroom. In the eighteen years (and counting) that followed, Chris has inspired thousands of students to pursue their passions and explore the career of their dreams. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two teenage daughters and their dog.


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