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Economists: Financial impact of sporting events, including MLB’s All Star game, often overstated

“I can’t tell you the methodology that was used,” longtime Braves’ executive Mike Plant told county commissioners on Tuesday. “They have their methodology, but we’re pretty confident that there will be a huge global impact here on Cobb.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is economic impact?
  2. What are direct effects as it relates to economic impact?
  3. What are indirect effects?
  4. How does hosting a major sporting event like the MLB All-Star game impact the host city’s economy?
  5. Who typically conducts economic impact studies?
  6. Why do you think they conduct these studies?
  7. Why do some economists suggest that the overall impact reported in these studies can often be overstated?
  8. Using information from this story, how do you think the MLB All-Star Game will impact the city of Denver (now that it has been moved from Atlanta)?
Chris Lindauer
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