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The 10 most innovative gaming companies of 2021

Every generation of video-game consoles ushers in faster, more realistic titles. This year’s releases by Sony and Microsoft continue that trend. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X deliver unprecedented levels of realism, with graphics processors that simulate shimmering reflections on puddles, controller vibrations that evoke the feeling of running through sand, and game worlds that are as large and detailed as actual cities. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is innovation?
  2. Why is innovation important to the sports and entertainment product?
  3. Based on information from this story, what is one example of a recent innovation in the gaming industry?
  4. Name three of the most innovative gaming companies (according to this news story).
  5. How does innovation impact competition?
  6. How do you think innovation might impact a gaming company’s marketing plan?
  7. How might innovation in gaming fuel the industry’s growth?
Chris Lindauer
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