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With James Harden trade, Brooklyn Nets get another brand booster

If the Brooklyn Nets knew for sure they’d land James Harden, perhaps the club might’ve held off on a deal with Motorola and driven a harder bargain.

The jersey patch deal would be worth more with three prominent players over two. That’s the brand power of a National Basketball Association superstar.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a brand?
  2. The headline of this news story suggests the Nets will get a brand boost from the acquisition of James Harden via trade. What does that mean?
  3. What is sponsorship?
  4. Why do you think a brand might want to advertise on the jerseys of NBA teams?
  5. According to this story, what company is the jersey patch partner of the Brooklyn Nets?
  6. How do you think that company might benefit from the Nets’ recent acquisition of James Harden?
Chris Lindauer
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