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#ShootLikeSteph: Under Armour taking over Princes Gardens in Melbourne for Curry shootout


Stephen Curry’s latest signature sneaker, the Under Armour Curry 9 is set to release in Australia this week. The seven-sneaker collection is inspired by Sesame Street’s Muppets, with each shoe in the “Street Pack,” paying homage to some of the most iconic characters.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is product endorsement?
  2. Why do you think Under Armour wanted to sign Curry to an endorsement deal?
  3. How do you think signing Steph Curry has impacted the brand?
  4. What is international marketing?
  5. Why do you think Under Armour chose to release the Curry 9 in Australia?
  6. What is publicity?
  7. Based on information from this news story, describe what Under Armour is doing with the Curry 9 release that might help to generate publicity for the brand?
  8. Why is that important?
  9. Why do you think they chose to partner with Sesame Street’s Muppets?
  10. How might that represent an example of an industry trend?
  11. How is the brand using social media to promote the sneaker release?
  12. Why is that important? Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.
Chris Lindauer
After working for nearly a decade in professional sports, Chris Lindauer, formed Sports Career Consulting to provide unique sports business education opportunities in and out of the classroom. In the eighteen years (and counting) that followed, Chris has inspired thousands of students to pursue their passions and explore the career of their dreams. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two teenage daughters and their dog.


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