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Women sports fans are just as engaged—if not more—than men who are sports fans


Women’s sports have been growing in popularity for decades. Recent sporting events, including the March Madness finale, the US Open Championship, and the Women’s World Cup, have put a spotlight on women’s sports, gaining widespread attention and breaking television and live viewing records.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is market research?
  2. Why is market research important to sports and entertainment businesses?
  3. What are the differenty types of market research?
  4. What type of research might best describe Deloitte’s Fan Insights study?
  5. What does this research tell us about women sports fans?
  6. Who might benefit from the data shared in this study?
  7. What is consumer behavior and why might that explain why understanding fan preferences and habits would be important in sports/entertainment marketing?
  8. What is fandom?
  9. According to this market research, what factor has the most influence on how women sports fans began their fandom?
  10. What is fan engagement?
  11. According to the research, what are two examples of ways women engage with sports?
  12. How might that information benefit a sports marketing professional?
  13. What is market segmentation?
  14. What type of segmentation is it when a business or brand wants to target female sports fans as part of a marketing campaign?
  15. What is a niche sport?
  16. According to this story, are women more or less likely than men to be interested in niche sports?
  17. How might that information benefit a marketing professional working in a niche sports environment?
Chris Lindauer
After working for nearly a decade in professional sports, Chris Lindauer, formed Sports Career Consulting to provide unique sports business education opportunities in and out of the classroom. In the eighteen years (and counting) that followed, Chris has inspired thousands of students to pursue their passions and explore the career of their dreams. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two teenage daughters and their dog.


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