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Papa Johns’ ‘Shaq-A-Roni’ Brings Shaq-Sized Value to Shaq-Sized Families


While the world is suffering from the impact of ‘Shrinkflation’, Papa Johns is delivering “Shaqflation” with the return of the Shaq-a-roni, adding a whole lot of EXTRA, like extra cheese and pepperoni cut into 8 large Shaq-sized slices. Papa Johns is even donating an extra dollar from every Shaq-a-Roni that goes to the Papa John’s Foundation to help families.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is product positioning?
  2. What is shrinkflation?
  3. What is advertising?
  4. How is a “Shaqflation” advertising campaign positioning Papa Johns pizza?
  5. Why do you think advertising is important to Papa Johns?
  6. What is product endorsement?
  7. Why do you think Papa Johns wants Shaq to endorse the brand?
  8. What is cause marketing?
  9. Is cause marketing the same thing as philanthropy?
  10. Why or why not?
  11. Based on what you learned from this story, explain how this marketing campaign from Papa Johns illustrates the concept of cause marketing.
  12. What is brand loyalty?
  13. Based on what you learned from this story, how does the return of Shaq-a-roni represent the concept of brand loyalty?
  14. Why is brand loyalty important to Papa Johns?
Chris Lindauer
After working for nearly a decade in professional sports, Chris Lindauer, formed Sports Career Consulting to provide unique sports business education opportunities in and out of the classroom. In the eighteen years (and counting) that followed, Chris has inspired thousands of students to pursue their passions and explore the career of their dreams. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two teenage daughters and their dog.


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