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$1 million could be yours, if Burger King makes your dream Whopper idea a reality (using AI)


You can now submit your dream Whopper toppings for a chance to win $1 million, Burger King announced Monday. 

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* TEACHER SUGGESTION: A Burger King “Royal Perks” loyalty program account is required to enter Burger King’s contest, either on a website or through the brand’s app, so that may provide a barrier for most of you in class. However, you can still have some fun with this story. Before working through the discussion questions, share the video and explain the promotion to your students. Then have them come up with the ingredients they would pick, and have the class vote on a winner!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is promotion?
  2. How might a contest like this one from Burger King represent an example of promotion?
  3. Why is promotion important to Burger King?
  4. Can you think of another example of a promotion from any other fast food chains that you have seen recently? What restaurant brand was it? Describe the promotion.
  5. This is an expensive campaign from BK. Not only will they be giving away $1 million, they will spend money advertising the promotion through various channels. The campaign took months to create, which requires money for research and development, and contracting a company to develop the AI technology isn’t cheap either. Why do you think BK would spend this much money on a marketing campaign?
  6. What is BK’s “Royal Perks” program?
  7. Why do companies like BK create loyalty programs?
  8. According to this story, what are the requirements for entering BK’s contest to win the $1 million prize?
  9. Why do you think they are requiring consumers to be enrolled in the “Royal Perks” program to participate?
  10. In addition to building brand loyalty, how else might BK benefit by capturing consumer data through this campaign?
  11. What is engagement?
  12. How do brands benefit from consumer engagement?
  13. How might this campaign boost engagement for Burger King?
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