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As demand for thrifted fashion grows, eBay hopes two-pronged strategy will defend market position


Amid rising consumer demand for secondhand fashion, the e-commerce platforms that helped create the online thrifting economy are working to tempt specific audience cohorts in the hope of coming out on top.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is an industry trend?
  2. How are trends driven by consumer behavior?
  3. What is secondhand fashion?
  4. How does that represent an example of a trend?
  5. How does it represent a shift in consumer behavior?
  6. Why is secondhand fashion important to eBay?
  7. Do you ever shop on eBay? If so, how often? Why would that matter to eBay and how might marketing influence your actions?
  8. What is competition?
  9. What is “market position,” and why is it important to eBay?
  10. According to this story, who represents competition to eBay in the secondhand fashion market?
  11. What is eBay doing to maintain its market position?
  12. How do companies like Vinted and ThredUp reach younger consumers, according to this news story?
  13. How might referring to secondhand fashion items as “pre-loved clothing” represent an example of marketing?
  14. This story describes consumer behavior in the U.K. Why would eBay care about consumer behavior in the United Kingdom?
  15. Do you think U.S. consumers exhibit similar behavior? Why or why not?
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