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72% Of College Students Shopped Fast Fashion In 2022; Can ThredUP Change Their Wasteful Ways


Gen Z is hooked on fast fashion, and ThredUP wants to do something about it. Enlisting the help of famous Gen Z breakout star Priah Ferguson of “Stranger Things,” the thrift giant has launched a confessional that aims to to break GenZ of its wasteful habit.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is market research?
  2. Why is market research important to businesses and brands?
  3. How might this story represent an example of market research?
  4. Who might benefit from the data discussed in this news story?
  5. What are demographics?
  6. Who is Gen Z?
  7. What is consumer behavior?
  8. Why do businesses and brands want to understand consumer behavior?
  9. What does the data discussed in this news story tell us about Gen Z?
  10. What is influencer marketing?
  11. Why do you think ThredUp chose to partner with Priyah Ferguson for this campaign?
  12. What is fast fashion?
  13. What are industry trends?
  14. How might fast fashion represent an example of an industry trend?
Chris Lindauer
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