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Two years after Lemon Perfect was spotted in Beyoncé’s limo, the superstar is now a backer 


Lemon Perfect founder and CEO Yanni Hufnagel didn’t know it yet, but his hydrating lemon water brand was about to go viral in 2020, all thanks to an unexpected appearance of the Dragon Fruit Mango bottle in the door of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s limo.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is entrepreneurship?
  2. What type of company is Lemon Perfect? What type of product do they offer?
  3. Based on information from this story, why did the company’s founder decided to create Lemon Perfect?
  4. How do startup companies generate capital?
  5. Why do you think Lemon Perfect has been so successful so far?
  6. What does it mean for something to go viral?
  7. How do you think brands go viral? Can marketing help to initiate that process? Why or why not?
  8. What happened for Lemon Perfect to go viral?
  9. How did that impact the company?
  10. How might the company benefit from Beyonce’s investment?
Chris Lindauer
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