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Accenture CEO Julie Sweet Says New Brand Campaign Is About Embracing Change


Accenture is launching what it’s calling the company’s biggest brand change in a decade, aided by a $90 million annual media budget that’s triple the normal spend.

The campaign, titled “Let There Be Change,” was developed by creative agency Droga5, which Accenture acquired last year. The campaign was developed alongside a new strategy, as well as a new purpose “to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a budget?
  2. Why do you think brands have marketing budgets?
  3. What type of company is Accenture?
  4. According to this story, how much is Accenture spending on the new “Let There Be Change” campaign compared to what they typically spend on marketing?
  5. Why do you think the company is investing so much in this particular campaign?
  6. What do you think Accenture hopes to accomplish with this campaign?
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