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Alberta marketing campaign encourages Toronto residents to move


The Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) Bloor-Yonge subway station is covered with Alberta is Calling posters, displaying messages about better affordability and job opportunities and strongly encouraging Torontonians to move out west.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Why might the Province of Alberta want to encourage Toronto residents to move?
  2. What is advertising?
  3. Why do companies advertise?
  4. What are the different advertising channels?
  5. What is OOH advertising?
  6. What are the different channels being used for the Alberta is Calling marketing campaign?
  7. What is a tagline?
  8. What is the tagline for this campaign?
  9. What message do you think they hope to communicate with this campaign?
  10. What is market segmentation?
  11. What type of segmentation do you think best describes the Alberta is Calling campaign?
  12. How might this campaign help the Province of Alberta to convince Toronto residents to move?
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