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Gamifying A Marketing Campaign: 12 Key Considerations (MC)


Games have entertained human beings since the dawn of time, so much so that they have become inseparable from our society. That is why combining gaming with marketing has proven to be a successful tactic that taps into this desire from users to have fun. The business gets its product in front of users, and the user gets something they can spend a little bit of time on.

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Questions for Class Discussion:

  1. What is gamification?
  2. What is consumer engagement?
  3. Why do you think gamifying a marketing campaign can be a successful way to reach (and engage) consumers?
  4. According to this story, what are three examples of key considerations when gamifying a marketing campaign?
  5. If you were a marketing professional working for one of your favorite brands, what is one idea you might propose as a way to gamify an upcoming marketing campaign? Be prepared to discuss your ideas.
Chris Lindauer
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