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Apple is here to remind you that life (and your wallet) is precious


Steve Jobs famously induced John Sculley to quit his job at Pepsi and become the CEO of Apple by asking him if he wanted to keep selling sugar water or if he wanted to change the world.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is innovation?
  2. Why is innovation important in business?
  3. How do you think Apple has demonstrated innovation in the past?
  4. How might its latest product offering represent an example of innovation?
  5. What is a product launch?
  6. What is event marketing?
  7. Why do you think Apple hosts launch events?
  8. What is competition?
  9. What is differentiation?
  10. How does product differentiation provide a business or brand with competitive advantage?
  11. What is positioning?
  12. How is Apple positioning the latest version of its Apple Watch product?
  13. How might this store represent an example of differentiation?
  14. Why is Apple focusing on these features with its latest marketing?
  15. Do you think there is a risk associated with this strategy? Why or why not?
Chris Lindauer
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