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Arizona Iced Tea Founder Says 99-Cent Price Tag Isn’t Going Away


Arizona Beverages’ chairman and co-founder Don Vultaggio knows the value of a relationship.

This shrewd understanding, he told TODAY Food in an interview, is why despite recently witnessing inflation rates hit a 40-year high, he’s sold his iced tea drinks at the same exact same price for years. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the marketing mix?
  2. What are the components of the marketing mix?
  3. Why do you think pricing is such an important part of the marketing mix?
  4. How do you think companies determine prices for their products and services?
  5. What is differentiation?
  6. How can pricing provide a brand with an opportunity to differentiate its products and services from competitors?
  7. How has Arizona Beverages differentiated its product?
  8. Why do you think they haven’t increased prices in the past?
  9. What is inflation?
  10. Based on what you learned from this news story, how can Arizona Beverages keep the price at 99 cents despite rising costs and inflation?
Chris Lindauer
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