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As Secondhand Shopping Explodes, Here Are the 10 Most Popular Clothing Brands for Online Resale


Fast fashion, look out: Shoppers are increasingly opting to buy clothes secondhand, a market that’s expected to grow three times faster on average than the global apparel market overall.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is fast fashion?
  2. What are industry trends?
  3. Why do businesses and brands track and monitor industry trends?
  4. How do industry trends impact marketing strategies?
  5. How do they impact fast fashion?
  6. What is price?
  7. Why is price an important component of the marketing mix?
  8. What is inflation?
  9. How does inflation impact prices?
  10. How has inflation impacted fast fashion?
  11. How has it impacted the clothing resale market?
  12. What other factors have made the secondhand clothing market such a popular option with younger shoppers?
  13. What is a brand?
  14. Which brands are most popular on the secondary market, according to this news story?
  15. How might that impact how they market their products in the future?
Chris Lindauer
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