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Balsam Hill Partners with Nordstrom to Create In-Store Artificial Christmas Tree Lots


Balsam Hill, renowned for its meticulously designed, lifelike, artificial Christmas Trees, partners with fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom this holiday season to create winter wonderland Christmas tree lots in 21 Nordstrom stores in 13 states.  A first-time partnership for both companies, this venture is also the first time Balsam Hill has offered trees through a brick and mortar retail partner and the first time Nordstrom has sold a full Christmas trees assortment. The displays unveil October 8-15, depending on location, and will be open throughout the holiday season.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a partnership from a business and marketing perspective?
  2. How might Nordstrom benefit from this partnership? How might Balsam Hill benefit from the partnership?
  3. What is product differentiation?
  4. How is Balsam Hill differentiating its product from competing products?
  5. According to this story, how are the two companies including a digital marketing component as part of the partnership? Why might that be important?
Chris Lindauer
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