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Burger King’s Menu Adds a New Kind of Hit (Blame the Whopper)


A good, catchy jingle can cement a product in the public’s mind spanning across generations.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is branding?
  2. What is a jingle?
  3. Why do you think businesses and brands use jingles in their marketing?
  4. Why do you think all businesses and brands use jingles?
  5. Can you think of an advertisement that you remember that featured a jingle?
  6. Why do you think jingles can be effective?
  7. Do you think there are any drawbacks to advertising jingles? Why or why not?
  8. Other than the Burger King jingle discussed in this news story, what other jingles have been identified in this news story as success stories?
  9. Have you heard this Burger King jingle before?
  10. What has made Burger King’s new jingle so effective?
  11. What does it mean for something to go viral?
  12. Do you think businesses and brands can control what content goes viral?
  13. Describe how this Burger King jingle illustrates the concept of viral content.
Chris Lindauer
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