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Coca-Cola, Walmart open AR holiday stores in Snapchat


Snap’s latest AR experiences come as brands look to connect with consumers during the critical holiday shopping season. The platform bills AR as the most personal, immersive and effective way to engage with consumers, and suggests that AR also stands for additional reach and accelerated results, Luke Kallis, vice president of U.S. advertiser solutions, said in a statement.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. What is social media marketing?
  3. What is AR?
  4. What is consumer engagement?
  5. How can AR experiences boost levels of consumer engagement?
  6. What is an AR holiday store as described in this news story?
  7. Why would Coca-Cola and Walmart open AR stores in Snapchat during the holidays?
  8. How might the AR stores help both brands to boost sales over the holidays?
  9. Do you think the primary goal is to increase sales through this campaign? Why or why not?
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