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Consumer gripes hit record levels over purchases needed ‘to get through each day’


Staffing problems in customer service and the growing complexity of essential goods and services, like cars and digital tech, have made complaints harder to resolve, survey data shows.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. According to this story, are U.S. customers experiencing problems with products and services at a higher rate than ever?
  2. Why might that be the case?
  3. Which product or service categories received the highest number of complaints?
  4. How might technology be part of the issue with the increase in consumer frustration?
  5. What is customer service?
  6. Why is customer service important to a business or brand?
  7. How might a shortage of employees contribute to some of the consumer frustration?
  8. What is consumer behavior?
  9. What is the American Customer Satisfaction Index?
  10. How might that provide an idea of levels of consumer frustration?
  11. The article suggestions that consumer reaction to frustration is becoming more aggressive. Why might that be a problem for businesses and brands?
  12. How can businesses and brands improve levels of customer service?
  13. According to this story, what do customers want when it comes to customer service?
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