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Delta Air Lines Is Introducing a Change That Is Upsetting Its Best Customers. It’s the 1 Thing No Company Should Ever Do


Over the past few weeks, Delta Air Lines has been testing a new phone system to handle calls from customers. If you call, you might hear a pleasant voice informing you that the company is “testing an enhanced phone experience so you’ll notice a different main menu.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is customer service?
  2. Why is customer service important?
  3. Describe an example of a positive customer service experience you have had in the past.
  4. Describe an example of a negative customer service experience you have had in the past.
  5. How did each of those experiences influence your liklihood to do business with that company again? Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.
  6. Why do you think companies use automated phone systems for customer service calls?
  7. How do you think those systems impact levels of customer service?
  8. According to this story, what is Delta doing that is upsetting customers?
  9. Why do you think Delta chose this strategy?
  10. How do you think customers might respond? And how might Delta respond accordingly?
Chris Lindauer
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