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Delta is making big changes to who can access its popular Sky Club airport lounges


Accessing Delta’s popular Sky Club lounge just got a little harder for some frequent fliers of the airline.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is brand loyalty?
  2. Why is brand loyalty important to an airline?
  3. What is Delta’s SkyClub?
  4. What is positioning?
  5. How has Delta positioned the SkyClub product?
  6. Why do you think Delta offers a SkyClub?
  7. How do you think things like SkyClub benefits or “status” levels like “Diamond Medallion” memberships impact levels of brand loyalty?
  8. What is a target market?
  9. Who might represent Delta SkyClub’s target consumer?
  10. What is customer satisfaction?
  11. How does customer satisfaction relate to the customer experience?
  12. Why have SkyClub customers been disappointed in the service?
  13. What changes is Delta making?
  14. Why do you think they are making those changes?
  15. Do you think the changes will improve levels of customer satisfaction? Why or why not?
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