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Does Santa Shop at the Home Depot in Fairbanks, Alaska?


Lots of brands put their employees in ads, but this one stands a tad above the rest, buoyed by understated performances that are positively priceless. Cute quips include: “There’a a lot of Nicks in this town” and “This is Alaska. There’s a lot of guys with beards.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is advertising?
  2. Why do companies like Home Depot advertise?
  3. What are the various types of advertising?
  4. What is an advertising agency?
  5. Why do you think companies like Home Depot contract ad agencies to create advertisements like this one?
  6. Why do you think the agency chose to use actual employees in these holiday ads?
  7. What do you think Home Depot hopes to accomplish with this ad campaign?
  8. Based on information from this story, what is unique about this particular Home Depot ad?
Chris Lindauer
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