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Expedia launches brand refresh, new features and ad campaign in anticipation of travel surge


Gearing up for a resurgence in travel, Seattle-based Expedia Group is refreshing its flagship Expedia brand with updated features across the company’s mobile app and more than 70 websites.

As more people plan and book flights and hotel stays as COVID-19 vaccination rates increase, Expedia wants to be part of the trip, launching a new ad campaign that touts its planning expertise, with the tagline, “It matters who you travel with.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is advertising?
  2. What is branding?
  3. Are advertising and branding the same thing?
  4. What is a tagline?
  5. Why do companies include taglines in their marketing and advertising campaigns?
  6. Who is Expedia Group and what brands are owned by the company?
  7. According to this news story, how has COVID-19 impacted Expedia Group?
  8. What products or services is Expedia touting as part of this new marketing campaign?
  9. Why is Expedia updating its websites and mobile app?
  10. Based on information from this story, describe some of the updates Expedia users can expect?
  11. How might those updates help the company to increase sales? Why is that important?
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