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Fashion brands are testing the physical retail waters with new pop-ups


With retail foot traffic slowly coming back, brands are starting to test the waters of post-pandemic physical retail via pop-ups.

Brands like Studs, Rails, Louis Vuitton and Dior have opened or are opening pop-up shops in April and May, in an attempt to gauge their customers’ interest in shopping in-person or to test new markets.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the difference between retail and e-commerce?
  2. Why do you think retail has struggled in the last year during the pandemic?
  3. Why might retail be positioned for growth?
  4. Why is retail important for fashion brands?
  5. What is a pop-up?
  6. What is the benefit of a pop-up?
  7. What disadvantages might their be to a pop-up?
  8. Why do you think brands are testing retail with pop-ups?
  9. According to this story, what is one example of a brand who has opened or will open a pop-up soon?
  10. In your opinion, will the pop-up experiment lead to more fashion brands opening physical retail stores next year? Why or why not? Be prepared to discuss your answers.
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