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Happy little droplets: Mtn Dew resurrects Bob Ross in ‘lost episode’


The happy painter Bob Ross was brought on to this earth to soothe. For over a decade, up until his death in 1995, Ross brought painting to the masses with his step-by-step guide to creating landscapes, captivating the world with gentle musings such as ”we don’t make mistakes – we just have happy accidents” and ”there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend”.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is content marketing?
  2. What is consumer engagement?
  3. Why is consumer engagement important to brands like Mtn Dew?
  4. How does content help marketers to boost levels of consumer engagement?
  5. How might this news story illustrate the concept of content marketing?
  6. What is a target market?
  7. Why do you think Mtn Dew chose to launch a ‘lost episode’ of Bob Ross iconic painting show?
  8. Who do you think Mtn Dew might be targeting with this campaign?
Chris Lindauer
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