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Hershey starts Halloween ad blitz to overcome covid-19 hurdles


Halloween is just around the corner, and the Covid-19 pandemic has spooked the bid candy-making companies, which are worried that sales will see a downturn similar to Easter if they do not ramp up their marketing strategies to address the changed circumstances.

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Questions for Classroom Discussion

  1. What is an advertising blitz?
  2. Why do you think Hershey is launching a Halloween ad blitz? How might the pandemic impact sales of Halloween related items this year?
  3. The article suggests that a recent National Confectioners Association Halloween poll showed 74 percent of Millennial moms “believe Halloween is more important than ever this year.” How might that data influence what marketing channels Hershey will use to place ads as part of this campaign?
  4. What is a partnership? According to this story, who is Hershey partnering with as part of its Halloween ad blitz?
  5. How might Google benefit from this partnership? How will Hershey benefit? Why is it important for both parties to benefit from a partnership?
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