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Hollister tackles cart abandonment with new payment solution


Hollister introduced Share2Pay, a payment solution that lets customers send their shopping carts to other people via SMS text, per the Wall Street Journal.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is consumer behavior?
  2. Why is it important for businesses and brands to understand consumer behavior?
  3. What is cart abandonment?
  4. Why is cart abandonment a problem for businesses and brands?
  5. How does it impact sales?
  6. What is Hollister doing to help address cart abandonment concerns?
  7. What is Share2Pay?
  8. What is customer experience?
  9. How might Share2Pay impact the overall customer experience?
  10. What are “conversion rates”?
  11. How might Share2Pay help Hollister to improve conversion rates?
  12. What is digital marketing?
  13. What is a target market?
  14. Who do you think might represent Hollister’s target market?
  15. How might Share2Pay help Hollister to appeal to its target market?
Chris Lindauer
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