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How Bazooka Gum uses nostalgia to drive sweet success


In 1947, Topps created a bright pink bubble gum square with an initially tough chew, a sweet smell and powerful sugary taste of fruit and cotton candy.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a brand?
  2. Is Bazooka Gum a brand?
  3. If so, how would you describe the brand?
  4. Why do some companies use mascot characters as part of a branding strategy?
  5. Who is Bazooka Gum’s mascot?
  6. What is licensing?
  7. How does the brand use licensing from a merchandising perspective?
  8. What is a target market?
  9. Who do you think represented Bazooka Gum’s original target audience?
  10. What is product life cycle?
  11. How would you describe Bazooka Gum’s current position in the product life cycle?
  12. What is nostalgia marketing?
  13. Why do you think nostalgia marketing is such a popular trend?
  14. According to this news story, how has Bazooka Gum used nostalgia marketing?
  15. Has the strategy been effective?
  16. Who might represent Bazooka Gum’s current target audience?
  17. What is a differentiation strategy?
  18. How does Bazooka differentiate its product from other brands of gum?
  19. Why is that important?
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