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How Lowe’s Grew Loyalty By Amplifying Brand-Driven Marketing


Lowe’s has a history of showing up for communities in times of crisis. Its Bucket Brigade helps communities in need by providing necessary supplies to those affected by natural disasters like the California wildfires. So, as the pandemic started to hit the United States and the country went into lock-down, Marisa Thalberg, Lowe’s newly appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, leaned into Lowe’s heritage of being there for communities.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is “brand-driven” marketing as referenced in the headline of this news story?
  2. What are ethics?
  3. What is corporate responsibility?
  4. How might this story illustrate both the concept of ethics and corporate responsibility?
  5. Do you think consumers make a conscious decision to support ethical brands that practice corporate responsibility? If so, how might that impact the way brands develop marketing strategies?
  6. What is differentiation?
  7. Based on information from this story, what has Lowe’s done from a marketing standpoint during the pandemic that has differentiated its brand from that of competitor brands like Home Depot?
  8. What is brand loyalty?
  9. Why is brand loyalty important to companies like Lowe’s?
  10. How might Lowe’s marketing strategy help boost levels of brand loyalty?
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