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How the pairing of Pringles and caviar went viral on TikTok, Instagram


The surprising partnership between Kellanova’s Pringles brand and upscale caviar marketer The Caviar Co. was born in the real world, but viral attention on social media resulted in heightened awareness of the duo’s potato chip-caviar collection.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a brand collaboration?
  2. How might this story represent an example of a brand collab?
  3. Why would Pringles partner with an upscale caviar company?
  4. What is an industry trend?
  5. This news story suggests the pairing of Pringles with caviar was the “epitome” of the high-low snacking trend. What is the high-low snacking trend?
  6. What is product testing?
  7. According to this news story, how much time did the two companies spend testing the product?
  8. Why did Pringles and The Caviar Co. spend so much time testing the product?
  9. What were the results of the collaboration, according to this news story?
  10. What does it mean in marketing for something to go viral?
  11. Is it always a good thing when something goes viral? Why or why not?
  12. Can a company or brand control when and if something goes viral?
  13. How important is social media to helping something go viral?
  14. Why do you think this collaboration went viral?
  15. Why do you think it went viral on TikTok and Instagram instead of Facebook or Twitter?
  16. Why might that matter to a marketer?
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