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Ikea is trying to cash in on a $180 billion market with a line of gaming furniture


Ikea is entering the gaming-accessories market with a new product line launching later this year.

The Swedish furniture giant said the gaming range includes over 30 products—”gaming desks and chairs, a drawer unit – and accessories – a mug holder, a mouse bungee, a neck pillow, a ring light and many more.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is product positioning?
  2. How is Ikea positioning this new line of products?
  3. What is a target market?
  4. Who do you think might represent Ikea’s target audience for the new product line?
  5. What is product development?
  6. What types of things do you think Ikea had to take into consideration when devleloping this new line of products?
  7. What might Ikea need to consider for a successful launch of the new product line?
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