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KFC, Olive Garden, P.F.Chang’s Scramble To Celebrate Mom (MC)


There are probably tens of millions of sheltering-at-home American moms, fantasizing right now about what might have been for Mother’s Day 2020. Champagne brunches? A day spa visit? Even a simple family BBQ? 

Dream on, mamas. This year, the best that can happen is a little Mother’s Day takeout, as the restaurant biz does its best to reinvent itself in the era of social distancing.

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Discussion Questions:

1. What is holiday marketing?
2. How do you think holidays impact the restaurant industry?
3. How might the COVID-19 health crisis impact the restaurant industry on Mother’s Day this year?
4. What is a target market?  Who do you think KFC, Olive Garden and P.F. Chang’s might be targeting with these campaigns?
5.  Based on information from this story, what are KFC, Olive Garden & P.F. Chang’s doing for promotions during Mother’s Day this year?
6. If you were responsible for marketing at a restaurant, what type of promotion would you offer on Mother’s Day to increase takeout and delivery sales?  Describe your strategy in detail, and be sure to explain why you think it will be a successful promotion.
Chris Lindauer
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