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McDonald’s files 10 trademarks for metaverse


McDonald’s has registered 10 trademarks in the virtual space, doubling down on its strategy to venture into the metaverse. According to the application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, McDonald’s will be providing downloadable multimedia files for its artwork audio, video files, and NFTs.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a brand?
  2. How do companies protect their brands?
  3. Why is it important for a company to protect their brand?
  4. What is a registered trademark?
  5. What is the “virtual space” as described in this news story?
  6. Why is McDonald’s registering trademarks in the virtual space?
  7. What is the metaverse?
  8. Based on information from this news story, describe McDonald’s plan for entering the metaverse?
  9. In your opinion, is it a smart strategy for brands to invest in the metaverse? Why or why not?
Chris Lindauer
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