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McDonald’s Halloween Nostalgia Escalated Quickly


Some allegedly insider information has set the internet ablaze with ’90s kid nostalgia for an old McDonald’s Halloween promotion—it doesn’t take much to get us all way too excited to start reminiscing about the past, does it? 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What are marketing trends?
  2. What is nostalgia marketing?
  3. How might this story represent an example of nostalgia marketing?
  4. Describe McDonald’s nostalgia promotion based on information from this news story.
  5. Why do you think nostalgia marketing is such a popular trend with marketers right now?
  6. What is seasonal marketing?
  7. What types of companies might benefit from investing more in marketing around Halloween? Why?
  8. What is market segmentation?
  9. What type of market segmentation might be represented with nostalgia marketing?
  10. Who do you think McDonald’s might be targeting with this campaign?
  11. Why do you think McDonald’s is targeting this group of consumers?
Chris Lindauer
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