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McDonald’s Will Offer a $5 Meal Deal to Lure Customers Back Into Stores


McDonald’s Corp. is looking to launch a $5 meal deal in the US that the burger chain is betting can lure penny-pinching consumers back in.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is inflation?
  2. How has inflation impacted prices?
  3. Why are price strategies such an important function of marketing?
  4. What is consumer behavior?
  5. How has inflation impacted consumer behavior?
  6. Why do you think McDonald’s and other fast food chains have been raising prices in recent years?
  7. What is positioning?
  8. How does price typically provide a point of differentiation for fast food brands in the restaurant industry?
  9. Why is McDonald’s reportedly launching a $5 meal deal?
  10. What items might be included in the new offer?
  11. What is a value proposition? How might this story represent an example of that concept?
  12. How should McDonald’s promote this $5 meal deal to maximize its reach and appeal to consumers? What marketing channels would be most effective?
  13. What competitive advantages could McDonald’s leverage with this meal deal?
  14. How could the $5 meal deal help McDonald’s increase customer retention and/or brand loyalty?
Chris Lindauer
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