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Microsoft sets sights on Sony’s home turf in console clash


In the battle of the next-generation gaming machines, two key players are moving in different directions.

Microsoft Corp. is making a serious attempt to attract fans in Japan with its new consoles and network services. Meanwhile, Tokyo-based Sony Corp. moved its PlayStation business headquarters to California in 2016 and has built the U.S. into its largest single market.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is competition?
  2. What is the “console clash” as referenced in the headline of this news story?
  3. What brands are key players in the console clash?
  4. What is market segmentation?
  5. How might this story represent an example of segmentation?
  6. What is competitive advantage?
  7. If you were a marketing professional working for a console brand, what would you do to help gain a competitive advantage? Be prepared to share and discuss your ideas.
Chris Lindauer
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