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Nordstrom launches Livestream Shopping with Burberry event


Nordstrom Inc. announced the launch of its “Livestream Shopping” channel on Wednesday, with a Burberry styling event kicking things off on March 18.

Nordstrom says Livestream Shopping will blend its in-person and virtual capabilities, as well as its expertise in a variety of categories, from fashion to beauty and home. Customers can interact with the experts and shop the items presented during the event.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is e-commerce?
  2. What is the difference between e-commerce and retail?
  3. Why is e-commerce important to companies like Walmart, Nordstrom and Burberry?
  4. How has the pandemic influenced consumer shopping habits?
  5. What is livestream shopping?
  6. Why would Nordstrom and Walmart introduce livestream shopping?
  7. Why would Burberry want to participate in a livestream shopping event?
  8. According to this news story, who are these companies targeting with live-streamed shopping events?
  9. How might live-streamed shopping events help them to reach that group of consumers?
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