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Northwest Colorado’s economy turns to tourism: ‘As our coal leaves, what do we have left?’


The 10 rafts are secured to the banks of the Green River. The tents are up. The sun is setting over the sandstone canyon walls. As 30 rafters dig into steaming bowls of chili, it’s time to start planning for the future.

How can northwest Colorado entice and manage visitors, protect natural landscapes like the Green River’s stunning Gates of Lodore and prop up an economy girding for the looming departure of coal mining?

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Is the Northwest Colorado area a brand?
  2. Based on information from this story, how would you describe the current brand image of Northwest Colorado?
  3. What is destination marketing?
  4. How does tourism impact destinations?
  5. Why is destination marketing important if a local community hopes to boost tourism?
  6. What is positioning?
  7. What is repositioning?
  8. How can effective branding help reposition the Northwest Colorado region?
  9. Based on information from this story, why must the Northwest Colorado region reposition itself in the minds of potential tourists?
  10. How do you think Northwest Colorado will attempt to reposition the area in an effort to attract more tourists?
  11. Imagine you are tourism marketing consultant. What is one example of something you would do from a marketing perspective to help Northwest Colorado reposition itself as a tourist destination? Be prepared to share your ideas in class.
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