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Peeps flavored Pepsi makes it’s one-of-a-kind return


Back in 2021, the ever-so-famous drink and sweet treat collaboration that we happened and we never knew we needed was between Peeps and Pepsi. And no, it’s not a cola-flavored marshmallow treat. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is branding?
  2. What is co-branding?
  3. Why do businesses and brands collaborate on co-branded projects?
  4. How might Peeps benefit from this partnership?
  5. How might Pepsi benefit?
  6. What do you think each brand hopes to accomplish through the partnership?
  7. What is social media marketing?
  8. Why do you think the two brands chose to team up with Snapchat for this campaign?
  9. What is augmented reality?
  10. What role will augmented reality play as part of this promotion?
  11. What is seasonal marketing?
  12. Why do you think this promotion will launch around the Easter holiday?
  13. Describe the Easter-themed promotion that will launch on Snapchat.
  14. What is consumer engagement?
  15. How will this promotion help Peeps and Pepsi to maximize levels of consumer engagement?
Chris Lindauer
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