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Peloton was winning the pandemic, but a series of fumbles have slowed its growth


While most companies struggled early in the pandemic, Peloton was increasing its forecasts. Now, the connected-fitness pioneer is doing the opposite.

In its Q4 earnings call, the company posted a $313.2m loss, and a lower-than-expected forecast for Q1 2022.

So what happened?

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do you think Peloton sales surged during the pandemic, especially when so many other companies were struggling?
  2. What is supply chain and how does that relate to the function of distribution?
  3. How did disruptions in the supply chain create delivery problems?
  4. How did those disruptions impact Peloton’s business?
  5. What is publicity?
  6. How do you think negative publicity impacts a business?
  7. What two events created negative publicity for Peloton?
  8. How did that publicity impact the company?
  9. What is leadership?
  10. Why is leadership important during times of crisis?
  11. How do you think Peloton’s leadership responded when growth slowed? Why?
Chris Lindauer
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